A self-confessed laptop musician, it all started for me when I got a keyboard at the tender age of 7. Later on, having dabbled with programming my Commodore 64 to play sheet music, I saved up all my hard-earned cash when I was fourteen and splashed out on a Yamaha PSR-4500 keyboard, with built-in 4 track recorder and haven’t looked back since.

Since that time though, music has come a long way and I have fallen in and out of making tunes ever since. Remixing, DJing, fiddling and tinkering – it’s always been for the fun of it and in the process I have discovered many wonderful genres and artists. When you approach music in terms of the ideas it can give you, as opposed to a backdrop to whatever you are experiencing at the moment – it is a wonderful creative medium too. Music and technology has of course moved on enormously since those early days when I was first getting started, and a recent experience, reminded me just how much I had been missing music as an outlet, as a way to completely disconnect from work and the million things to keep track of at any one time when in full-time employment. For those of you curious enough to have a listen – you can find more on SoundCloud.

For the latest tracks and updates, check out my profile on SoundCloud and my blog Oxime.

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