Inclusivity is too important to be left to leaders alone.

How do you explain Diversity & Inclusion? Some prefer the analogy of a party. Diversity is being invited to the party and inclusion is being asked to dance. 

I disagree. Diversity is not an invitation to a party. The best kind of party is one, where you didn’t need an invitation, because you already belong. It wouldn’t be a party without you! This brings me to inclusion. What turns me off about the idea of the invitation to dance is that it’s passive. That you stand there like a spare part until someone invites you to dance. Inclusion is active. Much like leadership. To be a manager requires a title. To be a leader requires people to want to follow you. The same goes for inclusion. It’s not a role, or an invitation or permission, but an act. An act by every single one of us. In the big and small ways every day. 

To help us get started, I asked for help. From a diverse group of people, all of whom agreed to spend a day taking part in a creative sprint to help me find the answer to this question: What is Diversity and Inclusion at the LEGO Group? How do we celebrate Pride and all that is wonderful about inclusion, without making it all about the labels? Inclusion easily fragments into trying to pick apart what makes each of us different – where we come from, who we choose to love. And yet, inclusion is so much more. 

“Everyone is Awesome” is simply that. A statement of fact. A beautiful creative insight, and the output of the sprint from this diverse group of people, all whom excel at drawing on the best in one another. A recognition that inclusion starts with us and that everyone is unique. And awesome. That realising our own full human potential comes from our ability to bring out the best in those around us. That awesomeness is multiplied in the impact we create together. In how we inspire one another and the world to act. In the aspirations it unlocks in children to make their mark on the world, as builders of tomorrow. And as a company, in our behaviour and role modelling the world we want children to inherit. 

Awesomeness starts with us. In creating a culture where everyone feels safe, valued and that they belong. Where we together energise everybody every day. And inspire the world to do the same. And we do it because Everyone is Awesome

*This blog post was originally published on the LEGO Intranet, sharing it here to inspire further

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