Celebrating LEGO fan creations on Rebrick.com

Image credit: Mike Doyle

Mid-December saw the launch of a long-awaited new addition to how we at the LEGO Group collaborate with our amazing fan community. Rebrick.com is the name of a fantastic new site that aggregates all the wonderful LEGO fan creations in one place, making what is often hard to find visible to all and directing traffic back to all the places where amazing LEGO creations are posted.

The site’s raison d’être is to help bookmark all the creations made out of LEGO bricks, whether it is YouTube movies, LEGO models of Large Hadron colliders or classroom content. While we don’t often launch work in progress – the Rebrick.com site is in fact in Beta and what that means is we really want to hear your comments and suggestions to improving the site, just as much as we want to you to use it, populate it with the awesome things you find and create. The Rebrick site is our way of celebrating all the amazing creativity displayed by our fans and giving something back to all who love LEGO bricks and the system for what is.. something more than a toy – it is a creative medium!

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