Consumer Driven part II: Using technology to fuel real time feedback and innovation

This most recent paper on creating a real-time feedback loop to enable the truly consumer driven company is a follow-on to the previous paper I shared this blog on consumer driven innovation. It explains the challenge of getting closer to what people want, and how technology can help in creating a consumer-focused process for continuous improvement of the things that matter most to people. I mention the Net Promoter Score, and how we at the LEGO Group are increasingly moving towards a ‘live’ environment where we want to learn from what consumers think in real-time wherever possible. I further delve into some interesting research by McKinsey on how the consumer decision journey is changing in the advent of social media and lastly, the kind of internal leadership required to make a consistent focus on consumer experience a priority. Hope you enjoy it and of course, curious to hear any comments!

Both my papers are made available on a creative commons license so you are free to read, distribute, modify as long as you give credit appropriately, share alike and resist the temptation to charge people for your handiwork.

Download the paper here:Using technology to drive strategic improvement in consumer experience.pdf

photo credit: <a href=””>JefferyTurner</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

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