Make your LEGO wish come true

Originally a site in Japanese only, Cuusoo means “wish” in Japanese and the name of a great concept for crowdsourcing product ideas. The site is a veritable treasure trove of ideas suggested by users, where others vote on the ideas by committing to buying it should the product get produced.


The LEGO Group has collaborated with Elephant design, the originators of the Cuusoo idea since 2010 to explore how new LEGO product ideas could be crowd-sourced by users making a ‘wish’. Here your mission is to come up with a great product idea and find 10,000 people who also think it’s a great idea. The wonderful Shinkai 6500 submersible is one of the fantastic products that have already come out of this collaboration. Now the site is launching internationally and we hope that an even bigger audience of fans and designers out there will come forward with great ideas of what LEGO designers should be making. Check out the site here.

Updated: LEGO Cuusoo has been renamed LEGO Ideas and can be found here

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