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The whistlestop tour of the economic crisis


Have recently started an executive MBA course, this one called Trium, a joint programme by the London School of Economics, NUY Stern, and HEC Paris. It specialises in three elements that to me are critical for business education these days: a global point of view supported by a diverse cultural mix of students, an in-depth focus on emerging markets where the future of the world economy really lies, and a balance of backgrounds and experience of the students itself: MBAs are not just for stockbrokers and traders. Our first module took place in September at the London School of Economics, where we dived into the depths of the macro-economic picture, the dynamics of the various international institutions that govern the international economy, the origins of the financial crisis and also the political and economic background to emerging markets.

A highly thought-provoking module, this presentation by David Harvey illustrates a part of the things we learned: the convoluted and difficult picture behind the current economic crisis, enjoy!

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